Stuff Tripping: visit Sydney through the Lumia 930's lens

We're sorry we couldn't take you with us, but we hope this makes up for it

Australia, the land of sun-soaked beaches and venemous critters.

When we were in Sydney last week, we brought along the Lumia 930 for the ride to take some fine-looking photos with its 20MP PureView camera. Disclaimer: we're not responsible for any wanderlust triggered by these images.

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Let's go down to Chinatown

Cities are only cities when there resides more than ten minority groups, a problem with keeping the streets clean, and of course, a Chinatown.

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Fountain of youth (yeah right)

Nothing says warm weather better than jets of water glistening in the sun. But really, it's just a public bathhouse for the birds. And it wasn't warm. 

Birds of prey

Like this bird which unfairly looks really creepy. There are a ton of them mucking about in Sydney, waiting to slurp up your crumbs like a feathered anteater.

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