PROMOTED: Singapore Cover Girl Sheryl has 5 reasons to download the Zalora app

Z for Zorro? Nah-uh: Z is now for Zalora, says online shopaholic Sheryl

It's multilingual, holds hi-res imagery and has been downloaded 363,033 times so far - it's no wonder, then, that it's the number one shopping app around town. Here, Cover Girl Finalist Sheryl gives you five more reasons to download the Zalora app as your next free download. 

1. It’s a fuss-free shopping experience

Saw something you love? Like it in other colours but hate to go through the hassle of looking for it? The Zalora app enables you to get all your loved apparel in all the available colours.

2. It lets you organise your shopping

With all the gorgeous looking items available, it’s hard to resist putting everything into your shopping cart. Hold your horses, Stuff reader, why not add them to your wishlist so you can keep track on what you love to purchase later?

3. It tells you all the best deals via notifications

Yes I know you're busy, we all are. Being busy, however, does not mean you should miss out on all the fantastic deals that are available. With the Zalora app, snagging the latest deals won’t be a problem. This is one push notification that won't get on your nerves. 

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4. Variety, Variety and... Variety

Whether you're a flower child or a rocker babe, a biker boy or a boy next door, or maybe you're just looking for beauty products, Zalora has something for everyone. With its improved design and filtering by price, brand, size, category and colour, it's a no brain addition to your smartphone. 

5. Errrr, It's free!

As you can see for yourself, I have been doing a fair bit of shopping. So why not get it on Google Play and App Store now - it's absolutely free. Also, visit, follow Zalora on Twitter and Instagram (@ZaloraSingapore) and like their Facebook page for more deets!

This has been your Stuff Cover Girl Sheryl and it was a real pleasure. Don’t forget to vote for me!


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