PROMOTED: Singapore Cover Girl Mara on the Nokia Lumia 925 [VIDEO ENTRY]

Catch my first ever gadget video review and brace yourselves for some heavy dose of awkward

Re-united with Canon 5D Mark III, together we braved the streets of Singapore to put the Nokia Lumia 925 to the test. Catch my first ever gadget video review and brace yourselves for some heavy dose of awkward.

With the tag line “More than your eyes can see...” the Nokia Lumia 925 promises great photos and videos in low-light, and it sure does not disappoint.

What's so awesome about the Nokia Lumia 925 is its sophisticated design combined with high functionability features, such as Microsoft Office which allows me to make reports and presentations on-demand without having to lug a laptop around; and the kid-friendly feature such as the dedicated Kid's Corner where I can let my son access all his apps without having to worry about him compromising other saved data. 

So if you are a juggler like me who's looking for a phone that gives some semblance of "work-life balance," this is definitely one must-have.

This video was completed by a two-person production team (counting myself), and this would not have been possible without my awesome friend, Vin Valencia, who helped me with shooting, co-directing and post-processing.

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