PROMOTED: Singapore Cover Girl Mara and 12 hours with the Canon 5D Mark III

What happens when an aspiring model and cover girl gets behind the almighty 5D Mark III at a wedding?

I'm no supermodel. But I've done my fair share of posing. So for someone who's usually the subject of a photograph, being behind the lens for an impromptu wedding shoot last weekend was quite the adventure.

A Badboy designed to perform

There I was holding the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, equipped with the Canon EF 50mm F1.4 lens and a few hurried instructions. I could tell straight away that this bad boy is designed to perform, but being inexperienced, I did feel slightly disadvantaged.

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After Some Trial and Error...

To start with, I switched Mark III onto Av mode (Aperture value) where only aperture and ISO are manually set, and the camera automatically works around the setting to get the right exposure. The picture quality is great with zero noise. With no macro lens on hand, I initially ran into trouble with autofocus for close ups. But after some trial-and-error, my photos came out sharper and more beautiful. I was definitely starting to fall in love.

Colour-wise, what you see with your naked eye is what you get with the 5D Mark III – just the way I like it. This allows for more exploration on the creative side during post-processing. And like every EOS series, Mark III also comes with Canon's Imaging Processing Software: EOS Utility bundled with Digital Photo Professional (DPP).

Canon's DPP is already a powerful editing tool by itself. It comes with several editing features to manipulate the photo environment such as White Balance or Picture Style adjustment, Noise Reduction and Auto Lighting Optimiser. If you're not doing detailed editing on beauty shots, DPP is more than sufficient for your editing needs. It’s a great tool for transforming RAW photos and compliments Photoshop’s more detailed editing tools. You can easily enhance a photo with a few slides and clicks, so no manual is needed here, even for first-timers like me. You can read more about DPP here.

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The RAW photo of the newly-weds was already beautiful. But to add a more dramatic flair, I made temperature adjustments using DPP and a bit of glare using Photoshop to invoke a more 'dreamy' feel. See the evolution below!


My 12-hour love affair with 5D Mark III is over. I must say, I'm satisfied, and now a budding photography enthusiast. But at S$4,699, it’s unlikely that Mark (who originally comes with a 24-105 lens) and I will meet again anytime soon.

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This said, I'd highly recommend investing in this beauty if you’re planning to take photography seriously - rather than having to upgrade from an entry-level DSLR later.

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