PROMOTED: Singapore Cover Girl Limaran on the Nokia evolution and Lumia 1520

Take a stroll down memory lane as Limaran revisits Nokia’s past and present

As the years go by and technology advances, mobile phone designs are very much tilted to consumers’ preferences and industry trends.

Some of your memories of the earliest Nokia phones might be safely hidden at the back of your minds. So allow me to recall those sweet memories and reminisce about the days of our good old Nokia mobile phones that everyone seemed to have used before, at least once in their lifetime.

In 1984, Nokia launched their very first ‘mobile’ phone. I have no idea how people during those days bring this around. The Nokia Mobira Talkman – it is still wired, but the system comes with a handle that lets you carry the phone around with you. I’m still in awe!

Along the way, Nokia brilliantly reduced the sizes of the mobile phones and in 1996, we have a mobile device that was wireless and featured in movie ‘The Matrix’ starring Keanu Reeves.

Fast forward to my era in 2000, we have the Nokia 3310. I shared mine with my elder brother then, until I had my own Nokia 8210 in 2001.

Over the years, Nokia has not stopped creating innovative mobile phone designs that left me impressed. Just take a look at these!

Fast-forward to 2014, I am privileged to be given the Nokia Lumia 1520 and I swear, the huge 6in screen got me hooked! Here are five of my favourite features!

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1. Design and colours

Starting from the exterior, the Lumia 1520 comes in four vibrant colours: white, black, yellow and bright red. I was given the bright red and I love the colour. It’s slim and sleek, and I’m not very bothered about the size because I just love the large screen.

2. High speed processor

Running on quad-core 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, the Lumia 1520 is the one of the fastest in the Windows Phone 8 handsets. The phone operating system simply flies. Web browsing is a breeze on this mobile phone. With its large screen (I cannot stop raving about the 6in screen) and high resolution display, reading desktop web pages, even complicated graphics-heavy ones, and zooming in and out are really comfortable, without having to curse at the slow browsing speed.

3. Fantastic Camera

The Lumia 1520 has a 20MP PureView sensor and a f/2.4 aperture. It has a dual-LED flash and optical image stabilisation too, which is very useful for smartphone video-shooting as it is for smartphone photography.

4. Nokia Camera

This app gives you a high level of control such as white balance, exposure, ISO and many more. There’s also exposure bracketing and burst mode, which lets you create cool looking action shots!

5. Nokia Refocus

After you have taken that photo using the Lumia 1520, here’s the fun part where you can change the focus point, and the single colour focus!


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