Singapore Cover Girl Dora: up and coming startups to look out for this year

It’s difficult to sum up Startup Asia in a few mere paragraphs. But here’s my best attempt

A bi-annual event across Singapore and Indonesia, Tech in Asia’s Startup Asia Conference places newly launched and product-ready region grown tech startups in the spotlight.

The two-day event is a myriad of events and activities where innovators and business leaders take the stage. It was a place for entrepreneurs who are building businesses that blow the norm out of the water to gather.

There was also a ‘Bootstrap Alley’ where I got to meet tons of disruptive startups from around the region. It even had a two-day hackathon for developers build your way to the top, plus a chance to elevator pitch to investors at the Startup Investor Speed dating booth.

Network, network, network. There’s also a Wearable Tech Fashion Show at the end of the conference and if you’re not completely and utterly sold by that point then you’ve probably got a short circuit.

Phew. Out of all of the pitches and hustle, I’ve listed several up and coming startups to keep an eye out for.

Garuda Robotics

Builds integrated hardware and software systems to support the next big thing in tech, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). From parcel delivery to search and rescue to land surveying, the possibilities are endless.


A sensual vibrator device that syncs up with with an audio fantasy app on your smartphone. Think ‘Fifty Shade of Grey’ meets the Energizer bunny. It also brings a new level of intimacy for long-distance couples. Hot damn! 


Keeping women safe with wearable tech. Imagine stylish accessories that can discreetly trigger an alert and sends out your location and coordinates in times of danger.

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A transparent, convenient online rental portal. Think Airbnb for the long run. Happy house hunting! 


A dating app that matches you up with a quality guy/girl at noon everyday. Also their tagline is ‘Love is in the app’. I mean, how could you not swoon over that?


Online grocery shopping. Boom. No more long lines for the cashier, no more getting trampled at crowded supermarkets, no more dragging a ton of shopping bags home. Delivery right to your doorstep? Nuff said.

Doralin Kelly: UI designer, starving artist and tech addict. May the Force be with you!


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