Singapore Cover Girl Dora: 5 fancy UI/design terms in simpler words

Lost in translation with all the jargon? Let the #StarWarsChick simplify it for you

Aesthetics aside, design is largely about function and is very centred around how people process information and their interaction with it. Here are some common terms used in user interface design that sound fancy and technical, but really aren’t that hard to grasp.

Visual Hierarchy

A group of visual elements arranged according to emphasis.

Basically what your eyes are drawn to first when looking at an app, website, poster, article etc. By using colour, contrast, size and position, designers organise elements so that users are drawn to a flow of information according to importance.

For example, a headline is always bigger/bolder than the body text.


A set of images that display the structure and functionality of an app/website.

Think of this as the skeleton of an app/website. Like in biology, it is the basic structure before you lay on the skin.


The quality of text being clear enough to read.

Because nobody wants to squint or lean in when they’re trying to read something. Good legibility is text/type that you can read with ease.

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Display Resolution

The number of pixels on a screen.

Usually shown as width x height, the higher the resolution the more pixels your display can show, the sharper and clearer the images.

Raster Image and Vector Image

A raster image is made up of individual pixels and can not be enlarged past a certain point as it will look blurry and pixelated. For example, .jpeg or .gif are raster images.

A vector image is made up of points connected along a curve, meaning the image can be expanded into an infinite size without loss of resolution. It will literally never look blurry or pixelated. For example, .ai or .eps files can be vector images.

Knowing the importance of these terms will make any UI/graphic designer/printer absolutely adore you. I guarantee it.

May the Force be with you! #votedora #thestarwarschick


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