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The magazine so hot, you can see Steam rising from its pages

The real next-gen console, the best phones you’ve never heard of, and a full guide on how to shoot people? That’s just the tip of the iceberg with the April issue of Stuff that’s on sale now. 


Stuff went behind the scenes at Valve to get the inside story on Steam Machines, and what we found convinced us that these were the next-gen consoles to look out for. From the controller to the software behind it, they've practically thought of it all. 


The first in our ongoing Hot Shots series of photography projects, we got local photographer Mark Teo to share his tips and tricks in pursuit of perfect portraits. You’ll be dying to shoot the people you love in no time. 

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This issue also sees our usual slew of tests to help you spend your money wisely. Besides the excellent and affordable Xiaomi Mi3, we’ve also got the impressive Oppo N1 - two of the best smartphones you haven’t heard of yet. 

Mind you, that’s on top of our reviews of the Razer Adaro Wireless, Canon PowerShot S200, Nikon D3300, Kia Sportage, and Volvo V40 Cross Country D2, so get ready for some temptation.


We also look at Stuff through the years as we celebrate our 15th anniversary worldwide, check out how to make your old Android phone awesome again, and tell you all about the 20 best Windows Phone games available. We really wonder where we find the time to do all this every month.

You know the drill. Get out of the house and to the newsstands now.

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