Stuff Singapore Cover Girl Search: Mara

3D abs, business apps and gadgets for kids

Name: Mara
Age: 29
Occupation: Assoc. Project Manager

Rockin': The Canon Selphy 910 Printer, strappy bodycon dress from Zalora
Best Quote So Far: "I watched Captain America for the 3D abs"

Xbox One or PS4? Xbox One

Filter or No Filter? Filter!

Dating Apps or Au Naturale? Natural

Track Pad or Mouse? Track Pad

Hawker or Fine Dining? Fine Dining

"Mara, what's a Cloud?!

Dumbstruck, I look up to the sky and think 'What have I got myself into?'

'Clouds', 'Virtualisation' and 'NFC' - really? Tech-jargon is lost on me. But we live in an age where infants learn their ABCs on iPads and Grandma calls you on Skype via her smart TV, so I'll start learning: I'm not about to get left behind!

Bookmark my page, like me on Facebook, follow me on Instagram, and stay tuned. I'll share with you my digital joys and struggles through my Stuff Cover Girl blog. I'll can connect a huge range of Stuff readers: from teens and professionals, to parents and kids. I'm your IT-girl AND your child's best friend."

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