Stuff Singapore Cover Girl Search: Lynn

Aspiring filmmaker, passionate cook and all round tech nerd fascinated with smart homes

Name: Lynn
Age: 24
Occupation: Film Student
Rockin': The Nokia Lumia 1320, cross-front playsuit from Zalora
Best Quote So Far: "Just because you drive a Lambo, it doesn't make you the bomb." 

Man Selfies or Not? Not!
Hawker or Fine Dining? Both
Geeky Thick Rims or Google Glass? Both!
Dating Apps or Au Naturale? Both! 

"Hi everyone! I'm super excited to be in the finals for the Stuff Cover Girl Search.

I'm an aspiring filmmaker, passionate cook and all round tech nerd who was born in the eighties. This means I've witnessed the whole shebang: video games on MS DOS, Walkmans, CDs, MD players, MP3s, fat TVs, slim TVs, Neopets and World of Warcraft. And of course the iThing takeover, too. But one thing is true: these gadgets still do the same things they used to. It's just that now they look better, work better and fit nicely in your pocket. 

Follow me for the next six weeks - on here and on Instagram and Twitter. I'll blog about gadgets that can be integrated into the home. Tech that can push even a modern family to a new, smarter, level - without just having a bigger TV. I'm talking automated vacuum cleaners, fridges that sync with your smartphone, wireless washing machines, self cleaning wardrobes - the works. My current gadget obsession is TV boxes that let you watch different channels on multiple devices at the same time. No one likes to fight over the remote control, right?"

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