Stuff Singapore Cover Girl Search: Limaran

Fitness, snapping, and wearable tech... Vote for me!

Name: Limaran
Age: 27
Occupation: Sports Programme Manager
Rockin': The Nokia Lumia 1320 and flare dress from Zalora
Best Quote So Far: "I lift weights the size of men but am still as feminine as the girl next door"

Pics: Smartphone or Camera? Camera
Hashtags: Important or pointless? Important! 
Plants or Zombies? Plants
Xbox One or PS4? PS4

"If only I could record my life on Google Glass so everyone could actually see how ecstatic I am to be part of the Cover Girl Search. You should have seen me on my first photo shoot - I was a nervous wreck!

Like you, I love tech. I'm always in awe of how it's advancing. From when me and my brother took turns to play DOOM 3D and Alley Cats after completing our homework, I've never been able to live without gadgets and gear. Now, instead of floppy disks and Pentium, it's smartphones, cameras, and wearable tech. Next I want a self-driving car. 

Follow me over the next six weeks (on Twitter and Instagram too!). Let me keep you entertained with my insights into a world of fashion, fitness, and lifestyle tech."

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