Stuff Singapore Cover Girl Search: Jessica

I'm what Stuff is looking for - more than just a pretty face

Name: Jessica
Age: 20
Occupation: Counseling Student
Rockin': The Pioneer DDJ-WEGO, combi cuff and cross front tank dress from Zalora

Pout or Smile? Smile!
Tablet or Phablet? Phablet
Hawker or Fine Dining? Hawker
GTA or The Sims? The Sims 

"Technology plays a huge part in my life. I use my smartphone for almost everything - from calling and texting, to listening to music, surfing and taking notes, I can't live without it. I still remember the first phone I owned; it was a flip one with a rubbish camera - but I've been hooked on tech ever since!

Now join me on my journey through the Stuff Singapore Cover Girl Search! Follow and vote for me as I bring you tech reviews and stay au courant with the latest gear. You can catch me on Instagram and Twitter, too!"

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