Stuff Singapore Cover Girl Search: Jasmine

Abs, apps, and the strongest handshake in Singapore

Name: Jasmine
Age: 25
Occupation: Personal Trainer
Rockin': The Nokia Lumia 1020
Best Quote So Far: "If Kanye thinks Kim should be on Vogue, I should definitely be on Stuff!" 

Selfies or Not? Selfies! 
GTA or The Sims? The Sims
Make Up or Photoshop? Natural!
Cars or Bikes? Bikes! 

"What did I do before Instagram? I don’t even know - I guess I’d still be chasing grasshoppers around the garden with nothing but a matchstick.

But that was then. Now I’m a fitness coach. And while you can catch me showing my training techniques on Instragram, technology has also changed the way I work - my job is so much more efficient now with the latest apps and tracking tools for fitness.

Follow me over the next six weeks (check out my website too!). I’m going to share with you the life of a personal trainer with three-inch shorts and a handful of tech."

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