Stuff Singapore Cover Girl Search: Dora

This sucks. Where's my time-travelling DeLorean?!

Name: Dora
Age: 24
Occupation: UI Designer
Rockin': The Nokia Lumia 1520, leggings and jacket from Zalora
Best Quote So Far: "I'm crazy good at racing games. Nuff said!"

Plants or Zombies? Zombies!
Tattoos or Not? Tattoos
Man Selfies or Not? Completely depends if they're hot or not!
Pout or Smile? Smile
Xbox One or PS4? PS4

"I've been set up for a massive disappointment upon reaching adulthood in the 21st century. Where's my time travelling DeLorean? And why aren't hover-boards available off the shelf? No seriously, can someone please make me a lightsaber?

Growing up on Star Wars, Back to the Future, the Jetsons and Transformers, I was set up right from the get-go to believe that I would grow up in a mind-boggling era of technology. But no, nothing, na-da. We haven't even come close to bringing to life the figments that Hollywood spoon-fed the 80's/90's kids.

But in the past decade alone, technology has evolved at breakneck speed. Take touch-screens, augmented reality, 3D printing, AR. drones, Oculus Rift and the list goes on. The startup culture has boomed. With more and more entrepreneurial minds, technology has begun to push beyond the limits of the silver screen.

It's an exciting era to be in. So stay tuned as I rant about Star Wars, video games, techy stuff and my annoyance at badly designed user interfaces. And lastly, here's a random photo of me in my wannabe Ewok headgear looted from ComicCon (*not actual Star Wars mechanise unfortunately.. But close enough!)

May the Force be with you. Oh, and follow me on Instagram."

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