10 of the best apps for the Sony Xperia Z2

Carousel (S$free)

From the makers of Dropbox comes Carousel, a beautiful new playground for your memories. The nifty app automatically backs up all of your photos and videos to Dropbox, so you’ll never have to lift a finger to do it manually and you'll no longer risk losing your digital memories with a misplaced tap. Organising and swapping photos and videos with friends is a matter of a simple swipe, and given the quality on offer from the Xperia Z2’s superb camera, they'll deserve as big an audience as possible.

Download Carousel here

Duolingo (S$free)

Fancy picking up another language? Master up to six new dialects via typing and listening in bite-sized chunks. Pick the correct words, or stand to lose hearts. To ensure you stay on track, you can even set goals for yourself (just make sure you follow them). With countless chapters in each course, it’s possible that your patience will run out before the lessons do. And it won't even matter anyway, because you didn't spend a cent on this.

Download Duolingo here

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Dead Trigger 2 (S$free)

There's nothing like a good zombie game to take your frustrations out on - or form new ones. The Xperia Z2’s heavyweight 2.3GHz processor is more than able to handle the spectacular graphics of this gore fest. Wield any one of up to 30 different weapons to blast the brains out of the undead across 15 different environments, just watch out for those special zombies - they’re a nightmare to deal with.

Download Dead Trigger 2 here

Notegraphy (S$free)

If you hate being just one of the crowd on your social media sites, using the same generic boring typeface as everyone else, Notegraphy is for you. Fancy up your posts by typing, styling, and then sharing and you'll soon knock everyone’s socks off with your creative flair. Even “I just had an apple for breakfast” would be worthy of a retweet or two when it's dressed up in such font finery.

Download Notegraphy here 

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff (S$free)

Having our name in its title wasn't the reason why we chose to feature this game (well, maybe a little). Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff has you rebuilding Quahog after Peter starts a fight with a giant chicken (again) and razes the entire town to the ground. It might be a pretty standard city simulation game - in fact the setup is almost identical to that in The Simpsons: Tapped Out - but the inane quests and characters’ comments more than make up for the long wait to get things done around this town. Giggity giggity goo!

Download Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff here

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