Two weeks with the Misfit Shine

The Interest Wanes

9:03am: Back to work. Expecting loads of inactivity.

9:15am: Wish I can wear a Shine on my fingers to track my furious typing and clicking throughout the day. Ring accessory, perhaps?

10:37am: Even syncing is a stylish affair. Liking the waves radiating off my Shine. Syncs via Bluetooth so don’t be a fool and try to keep the Shine in place on that particular spot.

2:16pm: Liking the versatility of the Shine. Didn’t feel like wearing a watch today, so fixed on the clasp and wore it as a brooch instead. Is there any social situation in which the Shine doesn’t work?

8:43pm: As expected, the little spikes of activity are due to toilet visits. And the giant spikes are solely because of traveling to and fro from work. Well, not all of us can be space explorers and full-time adventurers, I suppose.

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