Two weeks with the Misfit Shine

Getting Acquainted

9:15am: Someone asks me for the time. Crap, what do these blinking lights mean again?

Two weeks with the Misfit Shine - Getting Acquainted 2

10:10am: In bright sunlight, the LED lights struggle to shine.

11:12am: Attempted to demonstrate three finger tapping to activate activity tracking. Quickly realise it’s rather difficult to fit three fingers onto that tiny surface.

3:05pm: Just tried to check time. Makes mental note to learn how to read time again…

6:04pm: Set on Swim Mode, it’s a good thing this is waterproof to a depth of 5 ATM, which translates to roughly 45 metres.

7:12pm: Expected a bigger leap in calories lost. Sorely (pun intended) disappointed. You mean all that splashing around was for nothing? Wished this came with detailed analytics, for more effective splashing around.

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