Two weeks with the Misfit Shine

A Deeper Understanding

3:15pm Earned 183 points traipsing around Bali. Not sure the calories lost count given that I was headed for the best BBQ rib shack this side of the universe.

3:20pm: Shine definitely needs a diet component.

5:23pm: Still obsessively checking my Shine. Devising new ways to make the dot-o-meter fill up. Which is defeating the point of my holiday.

7:42pm: It’s a pity that Shine only has a limited number of activities you can tag it to: Sleep, Cycling, Swimming, Tennis, Basketball and Soccer. I probably do only about two of them…

11:03pm: How about adding a Dance option, Shine?

11:31pm: But yes, their claim as most elegant activity tracker still holds. Even the sports band is versatile enough to be carried from day to night. Curious strangers asked about the mysterious watch I’m wearing. Great conversation starter.

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