Burg 15 and 16 turns you into a real-life Dick Tracy

A smartwatch that make calls – is this a cool move or possibly a lame-o?

Samsung has their Galaxy Gear. Sony has their Smart Watch 2. And then there is the Pebble if you fancy something lighter, or the Nabu for something truly ‘lite’ in looks.

But what if you want to make calls with your smartwatch, without tethering it to a pesky thing called a smartphone? Hello, Burg 15 and Burg 16.

Burg 15 and Burg 16

Hailing from the Netherlands, Burg has been making phone watches for quite some time now, but this is their first foray into the smart kind. The Burg 15 and Burg 16 aren't powered by traditional smartphone operating systems, but they are intelligent enough to be your second phone.

Burg 15 and Burg 16

Yes, we said phone – the Burg watches are not your typical second screen. It doesn’t need to be linked to any smartphone (although the Burg 15 gives you that option). Just slip the SIM card into the watch, and make calls to your mom, dad, cat or dog wherever you go.

Other than its built-in mic and speaker, the smartwatch also lets you pair it with a Bluetooth headset. That's one less douchebag on the street. In fact, Burg has a colour-coordinated Bluetooth headset that will be sold together with the Burg 15 and Burg 16.

Apart from that, the phones give you the time like any other watch, along with a touch screen display (resistive for the 15 and capacitive for the 16) that presents your contacts, SMSes, photos or videos. The latter two are gleamed from the microSD that that adds precious storage capacity into the Burgs.

The Burg 15 will be retailing for S$449, while the Burg 16 is priced from S$349. Burg hinted an Android version down the line, but were a bit coy about its availability date.


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