Skype to break language barriers with speech-to-speech translation, and other news you’ve missed

It's been a crazy week, but that doesn't mean you should slack off on the latest tech news

With Apple just launching a spectrum of features for its iOS8, as well as bombarding technology announcements from Computex 2014, plenty of vital news stories have been buried beneath our news feed. So, we’ve taken the liberty to walk you through the top news that made headlines over the past week. 

Skype breaks language barriers

Skype will soon break language barriers without having to hire a group of multi-lingual translators. How you ask? By announcing its plans to introduce Skype Translator, a Star Trek-like close to real-time speech-to-speech feature into its technology. It’s currently in pre-beta stage, but it’ll soon be time to chuck out those Translation for Dummies books.

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Beats Music now cheaper after Apple acquisition

Acquisitions aren’t all that bad are they? Clearly not when it comes to Beats Music. The subscription-streaming music service has cut the price of its subscriptions, as well as extended the duration of the free trial of its app immediately after Apple officially put the ring on Beats (just figuratively).

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Watch out for Heartbleed

Heartbleed is back with a vengeance, and this time, it’s looking to attack your Android smart phones. The evolved form, called 'Cupid' will do what Heartbleed did on the open web but via Wi-Fi – the vulnerability uses the wireless network to get to your routers and mobile phones. So you should probably monitor closely what it connects to.

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Could Microsoft’s upcoming smartwatch work with both iOS and Android?

Rumours have been circulating over Microsoft’s soon-to-be-launched fitness-minded smartphone boasting technology that enables it to connect with both iOS and Android devices. That could possibly set it apart from the rather crowded smartwatch market that’s only compatible with a manufacturer’s own smartphones.

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Dyson missed out on Google Glass

So apparently, Dyson’s come out to announce that it’s previously designed a Google Glass-ish device back in 2001, but didn’t push it to market. It sounds truly groundbreaking, (especially considering this was designed more than 10 years ago) but sadly, it pulled the plug on the project. Dyson’s announced a new R&D facility, so we hope it’s got a few other nifty ideas in its pipelines that might prove to be groundbreaking tech. 

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