Made-in-Singapore: 10 free apps you need to download now

Be the most h-app-pening person in town and show off these amazing local apps on National Day

As you're fiddling with your phone to book a table or save the world by killing a dragon, look at that app you're using.

You might not know it, but it might've been made by very talented app magicians right here in Singapore, and you've probably downloaded some of them without knowing it.

If you haven't downloaded them, drop everything you're doing and get these made-in-Singapore gems from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store now. The best bit? They’re all free.

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Bubbly (Free)

Formerly called Bubble Motion, this little app is part of a voice-driven social network. The posts are displayed in a Twitter-like scrolling format, with a variety of different backgrounds to customise your posts.

You can also add background filters like ‘Coffee Shop,’ ‘Clubbing,’ and ‘Bombay,’ to add atmosphere sounds to your voice posts. Or go crazy and use voice-altering filters like ‘Helium’ and ‘Echo Cave’ to annoy all your followers.

Obviously Instagraming your breakfast is passe when you can narrate it while sounding like Batman.

Burpple (Free)

You love sharing and rating your food on social networks? Burpple might be up your alley. Daniel Hum, Dixon Chan and Elisha Ong are the founders behind this little app that allows you to not just share your meals, but organise your shares into collections too.

Think of Burpple as your own shareable food journal. Instead of ‘likes’, your Burrple followers ‘reburp’ a post which saves the post to their own little Burpple box.

Burpple also helps you find places to eat in Singapore, whether on the app or by surfing

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Chope (Free)

This app takes the fuss out of choosing a place to eat by helping you look for restaurants and make reservations. There is a pretty sizeable list of restaurants, which you can check out on its website here.

Singaporeans will probably appreciate the app being named after the Singapore slang word for 'reserving' or 'booking' an empty seat or table by placing a tissue packet on it. No tissues here, though. Instead, you can make reservations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week according to its makers, with your reservations confirmed via email.

Should you be traveling to Hong Kong, Chope has an app for that country as well.

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Monster Blade (Free)

Free-to-play RPG games are a popular fixture and app developer Nubee has quite a hit on their hands. Play-wise, it's a lot like others in its genre - lots of beasts to kill, loot to acquire, and friends that can help you out along the way. If you're the type who fancies wiling away the hours killing monsters on your smartphone or tablet, Monster Blade might just whet your appetite.

The graphics are pretty high-quality but also high-bandwidth, so make sure you're on Wi-Fi when you're downloading or playing the game!

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Perx (Free)

Trying to be cute, the makers of Perx made a play on the word 'perk' to come up with this reward card app. Instead of stuffing your wallet full of all the reward cards acquired from your most-frequented outlets, leave them at home and install Perx instead.

It's a nifty solution to all those reward cards shoppers keep accumulating, and the company posts frequent deals and offers to encourage people to download the app.

Of course, it helps that Perx is free with no purchase required, unlike those reward cards in your collection.

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Puzzle Trooper (Free)

You feel like something more casual, not as uncool as Sudoku or as time-intensive as Call of Duty, yet still have guns (sort of)? Puzzle Trooper has you marching with your team to engage the enemy by shooting at them. But no, you don't need to aim. Just flick your finger through a path of variously coloured orbs to hit your targets and rack up points. A simple, fun way to pass the time.

Ravenmark: Mercenaries (Free)

Never heard of Witching Hours Studio? You should. This Singapore-based developer gave us Ravenmark: Mercenaries, a strategy game that tests your mental prowess against fellow human players. The learning curve is steep, but that’s what it means to be a true gamer. Learn the intricate formations, tactics and combat against your enemy’s strategies in real-time after you’ve placed your troops.

Brave Frontier (Free)

Like Pokemon, you’ve got to collect them all. Well, sort of. Collecting heroes and evolving their abilities are the aims of the game. Don’t think for a second it’s all about grinding to make your heroes more powerful - intelligent tactics are required to make the best of your heroes abilities, some of which are more effective when you save them for the final blow.

Sugar (Free)

We’ll be the first to admit, we like to haggle for discounts. In a way, Sugar is the perfect app for us. Its premise, to skim prices down by sharing the deal with more friends, allows us to play a game of chance (and sometimes strategy), all in the name of discounts. Of course, you could end up losing a friend if they decide to bite and purchase the deal that you’ve so kindly shared, instead of skimming it further to benefit everyone.

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Paktor (free)

If you’re a Singaporean, you should know what this app does. For newcomers, paktor means dating, so you know where we’re going with this. Okay, so we heard it’s quite similar to Tinder. But hey, why limit yourself to just one app, when you can go nuts with more and increase your chances of scoring the perfect date?

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