5 essential apps to watch and enjoy the Singapore F1 Grand Prix

Rev up and get ready for the fast-car-fun this week with these essential apps for your iOS or Android devices

Singapore GP Official App

Everything you need to know about the race and the activities around the annual night race is in this gem of a development. It's a race guide with full details of the current standings, a race map and encyclopedia with every bit of info you need about the teams and the drivers.

Outside of the race, there’s tons of info about the activities like concerts and performances. Still haven’t gotten your tickets? There’s even a section that allows you to book and pay via the app. You still have to collect the ticket physically though but hey, every little bit helps.

Get it here for Android and here for iOS.

Official F1 App

This app is for the real F1 heads. Where most other apps will give you general updates, this official app from F1 gives you real time information during the race. It has a 3D interactive map that lets you see the position of every driver on the track simultaneously.

That’s not all: everything from live timing, tyre data and race control messages are all accessible via this map. You might just feel as if you’re in the race pit itself.

The app is free to download. But if you want all the snazzy features, you'll have to pay S$13.98.

Get it here for Android and here for iOS.

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GP News and Weather F1

Considering how much the weather can change F1 races, this is one app you shouldn’t be without. It comes with enough weather data that would put the weatherman to shame. Its forecasts are for the exact time of the event and not just the entire day like most other weather apps.

If you want to correlate racing performances based on weather, it even provides weather history graphs. Plus it has a weather radar tracker with visible satellite images. Talk about taking your nimbus clouds seriously.

Get it here for Android.

Fox Sports Mobile

The Fox Sports app provides highlights and updates of the race if you can’t be there. And it’s not just all written updates, either. You’ll be able to catch the video highlights of the race too.

Get it here for Android and here for iOS.

Red Bull AR Reloaded

It’s all fun to watch the race but you’re still not in the driver's seat. This game puts you in the thick of the action. It has enough challenges in single player mode to keep you occupied and if you’re bored with AI challengers, it also lets you challenge a friend in the local Pass and Play mode.

Get it here for Android and here for iOS.

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