Stuff Tripping: Suss South Korea out through the Samsung NX 30

Let down your guard

Check out the troops marching down Sejong-ro for the guard-changing ceremony at the Gyeongbok Palace. And the NX 30 captured movement cleverly without blurring it out. 


Sorry for making you salivate, but again, notice the awesome bokeh and even the capturing of steam. How's that for atmosphere?

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Crayon Pop

We finally realised the importance of a swivel screen when we chanced upon K-pop band Crayon Pop performing in Myeong-dong. When you're not tall enough, a swivel screen comes in very handy to give you a bird's eye view, even when you really can't see a thing. Also, see how many Samsung phones you can spot. 

Fishy business

You'd share his expression too, if you're stuck in a tank awaiting your end. 

And that's a wrap

Blue skies and cherry blossoms out in full force make for a beautiful day to end the trip on.

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