Stuff Tripping: Suss South Korea out through the Samsung NX 30

The glimmer of city life

Even at 10pm on a Tuesday night, the streets of Myeong-dong were pulsating with life and lights.

Ok, Glass

Okay, we've been one-upped. This presenter from Thailand was Glass-ed. Google, some help?

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We'll never be royals

Meet the Gyeongbok Palace, a massive structure dating back to the 1300s slap bang in the center of Seoul. Can't miss it. These are just the front gates. 

Beyond the gates

We apologise for not being able to bring you inside. While we appreciate culture and rich history, we do not appreciate pushing through the tourist mobs. So, let your imagination - or Google images - take flight. 

Bow down to me

A massive statue of King Sejong sits a way in front of the Palace on the boulevard in the middle of metropolitan Seoul. He'd be a Stuff reader if he was still around, given how he apparently loved tech, science, and literature. 

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