Stuff Tripping: Suss South Korea out through the Samsung NX 30

We feel for you stuck behind the office desk, so take a (virtual) trip with us through Seoul

If you've been wondering about the imaging prowess of the Samsung NX30, sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words. And if it does, you have 15,000 words right here to give you an idea of what the mirrorless snapper is capable of, as we share what we saw in Seoul. 

Seoul in bloom

Eat your heart out, Singapore. This is what cherry blossoms look like, not our trees' allergic reaction to the crazy weather.

Your marriage will be a drone

Taking wedding snaps overseas? Such a cliche. What about some hi-tech aerial drone shots? Now, we're talking. 

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Seoul's very own twin towers

LG calls Seoul home in these twin towers. Obviously, this is only one of them.

Yummeh bokeh

Look at the bokeh going on in this Japchae photo. The NX30 is proving to be a natural at food photography. 

The gaping jaws

It's true. Your shopping addiction will eat you alive. 

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