Samsung Galaxy NX review round-up

What does Stuff – and the wider tech world – make of the world's first 4G Android-powered DSLR? Find out within

The world’s first DSLR camera with Android OS and 4G connectivity has arrived in the form of the Samsung Galaxy NX.

But does the world need an Android-powered DSLR? We've rounded up the reactions – and added our own thoughts to the mix.

First look

We got to have a play with the 20.3MP, interchangeable lens camera, including a poke around in its Android OS innards – and we were impressed with the speed of the device, the comfortable near-pro level body and the ability to share all your pics via 4G.

Amadou Diallo, Contributor on Forbes, sees it as a trendsetter: “Let’s take the opportunity to re-imagine how we want to interact with an enthusiast-level photographic device. The possibilities are almost limitless and Samsung has just given us a peek at one of them.”

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A new OS

But Sammy hasn’t added Android simply to make sharing photos either, according to Natasha Lomas of TechCrunch. “The point here is clearly for Samsung to leverage the familiarity of its TouchWiz environment to try to bolster the appeal of its high end camera kit” she astutely points out.

Samsung Galaxy NX

While the NX has plenty of manual settings, Andrew Cunningham of Ars Technica sees a downside for pro snappers in the touchscreen interface: “Photographers used to adjusting settings on-the-fly with physical camera controls may find having to make ISO, shutter speed, and other adjustments to be more difficult without them.”

On the connectivity side of things, Rik Henderson of Pocket-Lint is in favour of adding LTE 4G connectivity: “You will be able to instantly upload pictures to the cloud - most likely through Dropbox, as Samsung has a partnership - no matter where you are.”

Speed snapper

We were impressed with the speed of the camera. Samsung has obviously realised the Galaxy NX will appeal to the market that’s hungry to shoot and instantly spare – with little patience for waiting. But the most useful feature of this Android-powered beast is – according to Shawn Barnett and Lars Rehm, of Digital Photography Review – the ability "to transfer images to smartphones and tablets for storage, editing, and upload.”

Samsung Galaxy NX

This is the start of a new breed of cameras that we’re excited to test. Check back soon for our full review.

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