Hands-on review: Samsung NX Mini is a stylish and smart camera

The newest member in the NX family is a tiny yet powerful selfie taker

Portable and stylish are just some words to describe Samsung’s latest NX mini camera, but there’s more to it than just that – this camera is actually smart enough to have brains of its own.

The NX mini, as you might have realised, is a smaller version of its bulkier predecessors. When we first picked it up, we were surprised by its lack of mass – its body weighed only 158g (which is the weight of about three cupcakes). It’s also slim enough (22.5mm) to fit into your back pocket.

This interchangeable mirrorless camera has some pretty awesome hardware too. It sports fast shutter speed to capture all your action shots, a 20.5MP BSI CMOS Sensor for capturing high quality images, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity.


Hands-on review: Samsung NX Mini is a stylish and smart camera - LET ME TAKE A SELFIE 2Hands-on review: Samsung NX Mini is a stylish and smart camera - LET ME TAKE A SELFIE 3

If you’re not yet on the selfie/wefie craze, hop on. The Samsung NX mini comes equipped with a 75.2mm, 180-degrees flip up and touch display for just that purpose. And when you flip the display, your camera automatically turns on.

And you don’t have to fumble with the shutter button to take a picture; all you need to do is set up your wink shot feature and wink at the camera. It takes a picture two seconds after a wink detection. Sure, you'll get funny looks when you randomly wink at a camera on the street. But hey, if you can afford to suffer the embarrassment of taking a selfie, that shouldn't faze you.

Heard of near field communication (NFC)? You know, that functionality on some of your mobile phones that lets you pay on the go. The NX Mini has that feature too, albeit it lets you transfer images between your NFC-enabled Android smartphones or tablets. Simply place your mobile over the camera and voila, the transfer magically happens right in front of your eyes.

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The NX mini camera comes in four colours – pink, green, white, and brown for the 9-27mm lens, and white for the 9mm lens. They’re also reasonably priced at S$549 for the 9mm lens and S$649 for the 9-27mm lens.

All you style conscious people can have your pick and get snapping.

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