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17 October 2016 / 18:00SGT

Battlefield 1 review

A World War I shooter that’s epic in every respect
15 October 2016 / 15:00SGT

App of the week: Maximum Car review

If Burnout was made from Lego. Then infused with extra explosions. With the Duke Nukem guy growling over the top
13 October 2016 / 21:52SGT

Mafia III review

Ready to feed some Italian mobsters to the Deep South's hungry 'gators?
13 October 2016 / 6:59SGT

Microsoft Hololens preview

Updated 03/03/16: Microsoft shows off a smash-tastic Superbowl Sunday HoloLens experience
12 October 2016 / 1:00SGT

GoPro Karma hands-on review

It fits inside a backpack, zips through the skies at 60 km/h and shoots your adventures in 4K - what's...
10 October 2016 / 22:00SGT

Earin wireless earbuds review

Apple's AirPods aren't the only wireless in-ears around - Earin's buds are smaller and more subtle to boot...
10 October 2016 / 21:01SGT

Rise of the Tomb Raider review

Lara Croft's latest romp is another thrilling adventure, and its 20 Year Celebration for PS4 is the icing on the...
09 October 2016 / 19:00SGT

Nixon Mission review

Android Wear gets serious about sports... with a blindingly bright orange smartwatch