Tech Blog of the Year 2013 shortlist: vote now to win big!

Show your appreciation and give a shoutout to the voices that represent the geeks of Singapore in the annual Readers’ Choice Awards

We know a fellow geek when we see one, and in this gadget-loving nation, there is no shortage of them. Just look at the nominees below.

What we had to struggle with, is to nominate the tech bloggers who have the technical know-how to engage and assist their readers. A keen nose for the latest tech news, plus a dash of witty writing, gave these tech-heads the advantage and a place in the shortlist for Stuff Singapore's Tech Blog of the Year.

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Don't be mistaken, there isn’t a single goondu (colloquial for idiot) running this website. Techgoondu’s strength lies in its insightful commentaries and clever opinions, which set you thinking about the latest technology trends and happenings in Singapore.

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Boring? That’s far from what Superadrianme delivers with its witty writing that makes gadget news easier to understand for the less tech-savvy readers out there. It also delivers quick news bites about what's hot in the lifestyle and entertainment segment. In short, you get the best of both worlds, in one website.

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DKSG has a knack for picking out the things that matter to both techies and geeks (which are sometimes the same) and giving these stories a relatable voice. That, and its writer Darryl Kang’s fascination with Lego toys, got him a place in our nomination list.

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Wordpress extraordinaire Lester Chan, who created 19 plugins that received over 9 million downloads in total, is truly the king of geeks. His knowledge about all forms of gadgets, be it iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices, and his ever-growing collection of the latest tech toys will impress even the most hardcore gadget boys (and girls) here.

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The TechBlogger

This one’s for all the aspiring startups with endless questions about IT needs for their businesses. The TechBlogger is one of those rare sites where you will find snippets of information about useful and SMB-centric gadgets to help your business grow.

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Though relatively newer than most of its fellow nominees, has realigned its focus towards technology and follows the latest tech events in Singapore with zest and zeal. The site’s primary audience, which hails from Singapore, Malaysia and the US, are a testament to its reach in the technology beat.

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The true ‘lobang’, or deal, you get from Techielobang is a steady stream of news to keep you updated about the latest and greatest tech developments. This is the primary aim of its creator Joe Teh, a photography enthusiast who started the site mainly to aggregate tech news for his own consumption, which then evolved into a tech news portal for his readers.

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Sure, has all the things you love in a tech blog - gadget reviews, opinions and news. But it doesn’t just dazzle you with the coolest gadgets. The site also makes its voice heard for a less discussed topic among most tech bloggers - apps and platform development.

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