Music Gadget of the Year 2013 shortlist: vote now to win big!

Audiophiles, listen up good to make some noise for the right sound suppliers

From headphones to dock speakers, we’ve got all manner of the best audio equipment shortlisted for your listening and nitpicking pleasure.

No matter the form they come in, these music gadgets serve the sacred task of providing us with the right notes. And you get to choose who did it best this year.

Stay silent no more and have your say in who deserves the nod for Music Gadget of the Year, and across these nine other gadget categories. Who knows, you might even score some serious rewards for a few clicks. Get your vote in before it all comes to an end.

a-JAYS Five

These in-ear earphones take music so seriously, they come in three different full-feature models tailor-made for your iOS, Android or Windows device. Impeccable aural detail, courtesy of the brand new driver and top notch aluminium crafting, make these earphones deliver big tunes despite their small package. Flat, tangle-free cables sweeten the deal that much more for the extremely organised.

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Bowers & Wilkins Z2

Class D amplifiers and top-range speakers stream your music rich and noise-free. Its wireless, compact design makes it suitable for space-starved local property. Tech noobs will have no problem setting it up thanks to the thoughtful Bowers & Wilkins Control app, which walks you all the way through set-up to music management. All you have to do is press AirPlay to get the party started with the Z2.

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Denon CEOL Piccolo

Denon’s first micro system without a CD drive, the CEOL Piccolo, breaks new ground in the universe of music players. Running purely on digital tuneage, it connects directly to Spotify and Last.FM for music listening without boundaries. And if you’re the type with supersonic hearing, enjoy its support for 24-bit studio master tracks built-in.

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Libratone Zipp

Don’t let its snug, fuzzy exterior fool you, the Libratone Zipp isn’t an entry-level speaker. That cozy cover is actually high-quality Italian wool and comes in a variety of eight colours to fit your home’s colour palette. Play your music via AirPlay, PlayDirect (connect to device via ad-hoc Wi-Fi link-up) or good ole DLNA. A sturdy leather handle makes it easy for porting from party to gathering.

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Logitech UE Boom

It may be small but it sure packs a punch. This wireless speaker puts out 360º immersive sound with its powerful dual performance drivers. A 15-hour rechargeable battery keeps the bass pumping through the night and then some. Water- and stain-resistant, this firecracker is sure to survive even the wildest parties.

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Parrot Zik

These futuristic and fashionable cans blew us away when we first tried them on. Listen to your tunes wirelessly and adjust settings via app, voice recognition or the touch panels on the cans themselves. If you’re a fan of live music, you’ll love the Parrot Concert Hall effect which puts the music right in front of you. ANC-enabled, the world will not be able to disturb your precious sound bubble.

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Philips Fidelio X1

If you’re a sound purist, you will appreciate the open-back build of the Fidelio X1. It comes with double layered ear shells to reduce vibration, as well as a pair of 50mm neodymium drivers for true acoustics. The earcups are padded with memory foam and covered in breathable velour that lets you listen to entire albums without getting sweaty ears. The stylish package is topped off with a calf leather headband.

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Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear

The MOMENTUM On-Ear headphones are one of the best looking, well-built set of cans we have seen in a while. Available in a variety of seven trend-setting colour combinations, they pack high-end transducers for hi-fidelity sound on a solid bedrock of bass. Decked out in stainless steel and durable Alcantara, these cans will stay stylish for a long time.

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Sonos Playbar

This one-piece setup can either be mounted or stood on your console. Equipped with six woofers and three tweeters, the Playbar casts a wide aural net for the most immersive sound experience and intelligently adjusts equalisation according to where it's positioned. And if you’re a late night movie watcher, the handy Night Mode compresses the volume to avoid neighbourly complaints.

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Sony NWZ-WH505

Remember the classic Walkman? It’s now a triple threat. The NWZ-WH505 is a new spin on a well-loved favourite, letting you hoard or share your music accordingly. With 16GB music memory, this wireless media player lets you enjoy your music alone via the headphones or blast it for your friends’ listening pleasure through the mini built-in speakers.

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