Laptop of the Year 2013 shortlist: vote now to win big!

Which lappy do you love and wouldn't mind lugging around? Tell us your choice in this year's Stuff Readers' Choice Award

They're with you all the time and you can't do anything without them. Laptops - they are the lifeblood of a mobile workforce or anybody that needs to get some serious work done.

But it isn't all work and play we use them for. Entertainment, be it for media or games, is also a key use for these devices that are now an integral part of our life.

So will it be thin and sexy or big and powerful or maybe even both? You choose from the 10 nominated laptops we have here, and nine other product categories. And if you vote, you can win some attractive swag. So join now and help choose the best lappy of the year.

Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook

Thin, white and looking suspiciously familiar, Acer’s Aspire S7 Ultrabook is the Taiwanese's salvo into the ranks of ultrathins.

Fitted with a sleek aluminum chassis and armed with a Full Touch HD display using the hardy Gorilla Glass 2, this sleek laptop is definintely eye-catching. With some decent specs like an Intel i5 processor and Windows 8, it’s no slouch in the workhorse department either. For many it’s a surprise that this is even an Acer, but will it be good enough to be the best?

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Asus Zenbook UX31A

Thin is definitely in this year and Asus isn’t one to buck the trend. Putting a little Zen into their ultrabook range, the Zenbook UX31A brings power, sexiness and a thin frame to the fore. With options for a high-end Intel i7 processor and Windows 8, will this thin laptop bring Zen to your life and be the best?

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Dell Alienware 17

Everything you need in a desktop gaming machine is crammed into this huge 17in monster of a laptop. With multiple colour customisations for everything from the logo, touchpad and keyboard, the Alienware 17 will definitely catch people's attention… if you can ever be bothered to lug it out of your home. Don’t forget the top of the end specs it comes with to handle all that gaming goodness you want. But will its size just be too big to be the best?

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Lenovo Yoga S

This 11in flexible ultrabook seems to have an identity crisis. With a 360 degree flip and fold design, you’ll either end up with a laptop or a tablet. With specs that include a high-end Intel i7 processor, Windows 8 and up to 8GB of DDR3 memory, this is not just some bendy beauty, but a performer as well. Will its flexibility give it the edge?

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MacBook Pro with Retina display

What’s a laptop category without at least an Apple laptop inside? MacBook Pro with Retina display definintely deserves to be in. Everything you loved in the MacBook Pro, its performance, ease of use and good looks is now made even better with a Retina screen for even better viewing experiences. Expect to pay a premium but that’s what we always do when it comes to Apple products, right? Will its price affect its standing to be the best?

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Razer Blade 2013

Imagine an Alienware and an Apple MacBook Pro mating. What would most likely come out is the Razer Blade. This 14in gaming wonder has all the power you need for some serious gaming, without sacrificing the svelte figure you’d want in a laptop to bring around. Sexy, powerful and pretty pricey too. That said, is it worth every single cent, and your vote?

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Samsung Ativ Book 9

Incredibly thin, sexy and all metal. Samsung’s razer thin ultrabook is really gunning after the Apple’s thin king title. You can expect a lot more than just looks from it though. With a Core i7 processor, 4GB of DDR3 memory and Windows 8, this sexy and sleek laptop isn’t just a pretty face. Will it take its rightful place on the throne?

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Sony Vaio Pro 13

While everyone is going GAGA over metal, Sony decided to go carbon fibre with their Vaio Pro 13. Supposedly making it not only light but also durable, you got to hand it to Sony for separating themselves from the rest of the pack. Expect some serious performance from the Vaio Pro 13 through its Core i7 processor and 8GB memory.

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Toshiba Portege z930

Need an ultrathin that is business ready? The Portege Z930 fills that niche nicely. Thin light and powerful, it has everything you need for work. From a Core i5 processor to its SSD drives and 6GB of memory, you know your work needs are covered. Did we mention it looks pretty good too? But will it be able to match up with the rest of the competitors to come up on top?

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