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Tell us which game gave you the chills in Stuff Singapore's annual Readers’ Choice Awards

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, select start. Let the games begin.

Or rather, let the duking out between these gaming wonders start with you as the judge on which one comes out on top. 

Will Messi put the moves on Lara or Batman outsneak Connor? You decide! 

And just to sweeten this honey pot, you stand a chance to win these stellar prizes when you vote. So get clicking and decide the best game, and nine other vote-worthy, seatwarming entertainers now!

Assassin's Creed 3

Sneak around and kick redcoat-ass in the third instalment of the popular Assassin’s Creed game. Bid farewell to the Renaissance world of the previous Assassin’s Creed game and immerse yourself in the open space of the 18th century American frontier.

As Connor Kenway, the native American Assassin, you battle the machinations of the Templars with a little help from some familiar historical figures. There’s the same combat system we’ve all come to love with new weapons and even an added naval twist to the exploration. What’s not to love?

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Batman: Arkham Origins

The Dark Knight returns, or rather a younger version of himself in this prequel to the Arkham series. You play as an angrier and younger caped crusader, still a myth in Gotham and with a 50 million dollar bounty on his head.

The signature and game-changing free flow combat system is still there with a few more additions and upgrades, and there’s even more hours to play and an engaging single player story to get into.

Done with that? How about a multiplayer option? Batman: Arkham Origins brings the same Dark Knight goodness and more, but does it deserve a win?

Vote for it here to give your answer.

Bioshock Infinite

We switch from the deepest depths of the sea to the open air of the sky in the third Bioshock game. Put yourself in the shoes of former Pinkerton detective Booker DeWitt as he infiltrates the floating air-city of Columbia to rescue a young woman. Elizabeth.

Still set within the BioShock universe but with its own identity, this first-person shooter game brings all the familiar gameplay of the previous BioShock titles with some switchups. No more plasmids but you get Vigors to fight with. And while you shouldn’t expect any Big Daddies to show up, you can duke it out with robotic George Washingtons. Is this enough to get it to the top though?

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This isn’t some Assassin’s Creed clone all dressed up in steampunk colours. Instead, Dishonored is a stealth first-person shooter more reminiscent of the game Thief but stands on its own with a great story and even more interesting gameplay.

You’re Corvo Attano, the former bodyguard of the Empress of Dunwall falsely charged with her murder. Needless to say, you’ve got to clear your good name. What ensues is general sneaking around (or not) which changes the path you take and the subsequent missions.

With an extreme eye for detail à la Deus Ex style and a good variety of powers and weapons to keep things interesting, this steampunk stealther is one game that deserves a nomination here. Will it win?

Your vote here will decide.

Far Cry 3

If you’re wondering why trilogies seem to crop up so much in our nominations, we guess third time's the charm. Far Cry 3 is no different.

This first-person shooter from the Far Cry series puts you in the shoes of Jack Brody who was kidnapped by a bunch of pirates while vacationing in Thailand. After a botched escape attempt and meeting with a bunch of natives called the Rakyat, he now has to fight to get rid of the pirates and save his friend.

Full of FPS action, a roleplay-like levelling system and open world, Far Cry 3 brings the series to the next level. But is it enough to win or is it just too much of a “far cry”?

Vote here to decide.

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The latest instalment of the FIFA series may just seem like one more in a long line of updates. But for footie fans everywhere, especially the couch footballer, this is one of the best updates since the introduction of 360-degree control in FIFA 10.

With realistic momentum added in, FIFA 14 now gets as close to being on the pitch without ever leaving the seat. Of course, there’s also awesome graphical updates (can’t wait for the PS4 version) which makes the game as realistic as ever. So will footie fans make FIFA 14 a winner?

Why not vote here to give it that edge?

Grand Theft Auto V

Face it, you loved the mayhem and crime ridden exploits of the previous GTA series and just couldn’t wait for the fifth instalment to come out.

Grand Theft Auto V does not disappoint. It still has all the elements that made the GTA series fun. An open world, lots of criminal shenanigans to get up to, some pretty cool music and general destructive fun… if you want it.

But there’s more. Now you have three characters to control with all of them interwoven into the GTA V storyline. What’s more, heists are now even more fun, with you being able to choose your team's tools and approach. So is this crime-ridden game the best game of the year?

Well, your vote here will decide.

Hotline Miami

The only indie game on our list, this 2D top-down action game has done really well for itself if it’s competing with the big boys.

Hotline Miami is a game that is reminiscent of the original GTA. Both are violence-laden with lots of mayhem involved. Though in Hotline Miami's case, expect a lot more blood.

You play an unknown man, tasked with various jobs that end up being virtual blood baths. With a neo-noir story line that is compelling yet disturbing, Hotline Miami brings to the table a great combination of storytelling and simple gameplay, something that has been missing in a lot of recent games. But is it enough?

Vote here to decide.

The Last of Us

We love zombie games and The Last of Us brings all that post-apocalyptic goodness to us.

A PlayStation 3 exclusive title from the makers of Uncharted, this zombie-infested actioner puts you in the shoes of smuggler Joel, who finds himself taking 14-year-old Ellie on one dangerous journey across the US.

With a gameplay that blends stealth, cover-based shooting, climbing, item crafting and lightweight puzzle solving, you’ll definitely be entertained. There are even multiple ways you can approach zombie encounters that adds more to the playability of the game. Did we also mention its compelling story?

So will its gripping storyline and innovative gameplay make it a winner, or limiting it to the PlayStation 3 reduce its fanbase?

Your vote here decides.

Tomb Raider

This reboot of the Tomb Raider, set in Lara Croft's formative days as a treasure hunter, has been long coming.

Don’t expect a hardened action-slinging Lara in this game though. Instead we get to see the fragility of her psyche, and how she eventually rises to the occasion and become the Lara we have come to love (or in some cases, ogle at).

With quite a few pages taken out of Uncharted’s book (fair play since Uncharted did the same with the old Tomb Raider games), you’ve got an actioner with a fair bit of shooting, puzzle solving and a good bit of stealth thrown in. And with a compelling story detailing the growth of the uppercrust treasure hunter, this is one game that deserves its place in the nomination.

But will Lara’s younger countenance and reboot be enough to revive the series and your interest?

Vote here to decide.

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