Razer’s Junglecat iOS gaming controller is for the adventurous gamer

The gaming peripheral maker is eyeing the mobile phone hardware space

Razer has pounced into the mobile phone hardware space, with the introduction of its Junglecat gamepad for iOS devices. Curious to know what it is? Don’t worry; this is one instance where curiosity won’t kill the cat.

Now that we’ve got all the feline jokes out of our system, let's shed some light on what the Junglecat gamepad for iOS devices is. It's a customisable gamepad, small enough to fit your pocket, and the 20mm thin controller is designed to mould seamlessly with the profile of the iPhone.

You can leave the Razer Junglecat attached to your iPhone, as its AXBY pressure-sensitive buttons, D-pad, bumper buttons and ports slide behind your iPhone, looking much like a standard protective case. It basically leaves phone functions accessible, enables smart app filters and finds controller-ready games.

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There's an app for it too

You’ll have to download a companion iOS app that lets you remap and define all of the button functions, as well as adjust pressure sensitivity according to your preference. You can store up to 20 personalised profiles on the app, enabling you to tailor your gaming experience to each game.

Speaking of games, we get that seeking games can sometimes be a chore. So Razer took the liberty to include a feature that prompts you with the latest titles in the app. According to Razer, the Junglecat is also enabled for the latest features of Apple devices recently announced at WWDC.

It doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket either – you can get it for S$129.90 from July, or register your interest on the RazerStore for shipment within four to six weeks.

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