Min-Liang Tan: Either you love us or hate us


“I want all gaming to succeed, and I'm rooting for Ouya.”

Tan has expressed his disappointment at the negative reviews given to the Android gaming console. Given that Razer prioritises design and gamers' needs over profits, the company's support for Ouya and other lesser-known gaming projects is no surprise.

“We want indies to develop for PC, and we have a programme for them to get the Razer Blade Pro at US$999, which is way below cost.”

Each developer is limited to purchase only two units at the heavily discounted price and qualify if they have launched a PC game or secured at least US$50,000 from Kickstarter.

Tan is also a staunch supporter of Kickstarter, backing games that have been resurrected through the crowd-funding site including Star Citizen from Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts and Brian Fargo’s upcoming Wasteland 2. Tan took his support up a notch and seeded a Blade Pro to Roberts and Fargo, giving them a chance to benchmark the game against the Blade Pro’s high-end specs.

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It’s obvious that Tan plays games himself so how many games has Tan bought and completed recently? He flashed a look of guilt for that question.

“I’ve been buying games during the Steam sale, I even have games from the last sale that I haven't played.”

Praises for TellTale Games’ The Walking Dead were heaped generously by Tan, who agreed that the developers did justice to the TV series and the comics. One thing he absolutely hates though, is cliffhangers.

“I will block the game until the first season is complete, and then I will play the game at one go.”


Ultimately, designing products for gamers is not Tan’s endgame. Instead of turning the company mainstream, he wants to convert the mindset, making gamers the mainstream consumer. He also wants to dismiss the ill-conceived notion that  gamers are sad, lonely people who curl in the dark corners of their rooms.

“The world is changing, the people running the companies today are gamers. We want to make gaming mainstream instead of us going mainstream.” 

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