Pre-order EA Sports UFC and get Bruce Lee, the ultimate fighter

EA brings out the big guns and a classic name to add more flavour to the fighting game

If you needed another reason to get EA Sports UFC (besides the next-gen graphics and being able to indulge your Ultimate Fighter fantasies), then the pre-order bonus might be it.

From a series of teasers EA has put online, it looks like Bruce Lee will be a special addition to your team.

Now, the official release date is apparently 17 June in the US for either/both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. EA has promised that it would be out by Spring though no word if an Asian release will be around the same time.

Hit 'em up in next-gen

From the footage of the game available online, EA Sports UFC does look pretty sweet. The licensed fighters are some of the more recognisable names in the sport. Each fighter was created using 3D head and body scans for additional realism. Apparently you can even see real-time reflections of the arena in the corneas of the eyeballs of the fighters. Pretty sick.

You will apparently get around 100 different fighters to choose from, with tweaked AI making sure that your game is more than just some random beat-em-up button mash. You'll also be able to pile on the pain with what EA calls a 'non-linear damage system' which can result in big damage coming from a single strike.

Fancy guiding Bruce Lee to UFC victory? Then get on 'em pre-orders.

[Source: Gamespot]

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