Sony PlayStation 4 arrives in Singapore on 19th Dec, priced from $639

Get ready to smash that piggy bank. Sony’s next-generation console is coming to town in a few weeks - just in time for the Christmas holiday gaming session

$639. That’s how much you’ll be forking out for the long-awaited Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4). And you can hug it to sleep (after you’re done abusing it with its 23 launch titles), starting from 19th December.

The next-generation gaming console by the Japanese electronics maker will be bundled with a single PlayStation DualShock 4 controller (extra pads cost $87.90), plus the bulk of what you saw in the official unboxing video and a 500GB HDD.

The PlayStation 4 Eye camera is also available as a bundle with the PS4, and you can pre-order it for $689. This pre-order package includes a one-year regional warrany and a month of PlayStation Plus subscription. Alternatively, the camera is available separately for $88.


While exclusive PS4 titles such as Infamous: Second Son and The Order: 1886 won’t be available till early next year, the console will have some of the most recent titles available in full HD glory. So if you’ve been holding off on Batman: Arkham Origins or Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, get ready to smash Gotham’s villains and challenge the high seas in full HD resolution.

Before you are all set and ready to get into a deathmatch or co-op play with your friends, hold on. You’ll need a PlayStation Plus membership for online multiplayer mode. Subscription starts from $6.99 for a month, $14.90 for three months and $42.99 for a year. For that sum, you can join your friends on a hunting spree, and have your saved games stored on Sony’s servers. Oh, and the occasional free game too, albeit old ones.

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Bundle 'em up

Can't wait any longer? Good news is you can pre-order your PS4 at any Focus Shops or Sony Shops from 13 November to 13 December.

And now for the even better news - the PS4 is available in four penny-saving pre-order bundles. You can either get the PS4 system on its own for S$639, or get the PS4 system with camera for S$689, and be gifted with a 1-month PlayStation Plus Membership with either package. Alternatively, there are the PS4 "Battlefield 4" Bundle (S$709) and PS4 "Killzone Shadow Fall" Bundle (S$699), both of which come with a 2-month PlayStation Plus Membership and S$10 PSN Money Voucher.

How's that resolve holding up now?

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