Gear up for inFamous: Second Son


There are tons of music albums that supplement the inFamous titles well, if the “Heart-Shaped Box” cover from one of the game’s trailers is anything to go by.

“Ten” & “Yield” by Pearl Jam

Music aficionados probably saw this coming. The Seattle-based Pearl Jam’s less heavy 70s style of rock portrayed themes of freedom and individualism. That’s one of the story hooks of inFamous: SS; the willingness to embrace one’s powers and the freedom to choose how to dish out that power. The band’s earlier albums “Ten and “Yield” encapsulate their golden years with melodious croons and experimental ballads influenced by the “rootsy” feel of Jimi Hendrix and South American musicians.

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“Spider-Man: Rock Reflections of a Superhero” by Stan Lee and various artists

Back in the 70s when the Marvel hype machine was steamrolling DC, the marketing department had an idea of creating a rock opera album based on the trials of Spider-Man. Surprisingly, it turned out pretty decent, and withstood the test of time for something that’s obviously tailored as a quick cash cow. With lyrics about Peter Parker evolving from zero to hero to musings from villains like Doctor Octopus, it walks the fine line between cheesy and catchy.

Foley Room by Amon Tobin

The first inFamous title had the foley-effect experimental mash-up of Brazilian artist Amon Tobin. If you like your beats very dark and gritty just like the first game’s soundtrack, the album Foley Room will be ambrosia to your ears. The whole album requires an open mind to listen to, but it’s worth it if you want to taste something off-kilter yet mesmerizing.

If you’d rather pick one or two tracks via your favorite online music store, go with the mellow and dark ‘At The End of The Day’, and the ethnic string instrument-filled ‘Keep Your Distance’.

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