Gear up for inFamous: Second Son


inFamous’ inspiration is from comic books, but what about comic book-style movies? Or for that matter, how about films that take place in Seattle?


Director Sam Raimi (Spider-Man, Evil Dead) couldn’t get the rights to Batman and The Shadow back in the 90s, so he just made up a superhero story that’s all dark and broody with a hint of camp. Liam Neeson plays a scientist who was left for dead by mobsters after his girlfriend unraveled a zoning conspiracy.

Disfigured, he covers himself in bandages and a trenchcoat, and dubs himself a defender of the night who can disguise his face. The film’s got visual panache, a great Danny Elfman soundtrack, and was ahead of its time in making superhero films relevant and beyond B-grade territory.

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Man of Steel

Believe it or not, the Superman reboot that’s incredibly divided among fans is a good complement for inFamous. Instead of retreading established tropes from the past films featuring Christopher Reeve, the Zack Snyder-directed & David S. Goyer-written film went with a different and grittier approach.

The retelling of Superman’s origins to how he deals with worldly problems echoes that of how inFamous’ main character Cole McGrath comes to terms with power and responsibility.


What the heck does a romantic comedy have to do with a game about superheroes? The film here captures the location, culture, and backdrop of the Emerald City perfectly. True, there wasn’t Starbucks when this film was made, but the shots and photography bring out the cool and calm feel of the city that perseveres even until now.

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