Paktor (dating) tips from Paktor

Sounds easy, but if you strike out in real-life, it’s not going to be any easier on Paktor, right?

Paktor has over 500,000 users and a presence in 10 countries across Asia. We have rolled out new features, such as auto message translation and history. We have been listening to what our users want and have even more exciting features on the way, all focused on helping you meet interesting people, to make your Paktor experience even better!

Worst pick-up line ever

"Can I take you home?"

The kind of date that’ll make you run for your life

This guy I met through a mutual friend started telling me on our first date how many kids he wanted to have and asked if I had frozen my eggs prior to hitting my late 20s. I couldn't wait for the date to end.

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Ouch, that sounds bad. So what's the best date since you’ve started using Paktor?

As boring as this might sound, all of my best dates which I had with Paktor users all involve around a dinner and light-hearted conversation. I haven't met any "weirdos" yet whilst using Paktor.

Are you a (going) dutch or guy-pay-first gal?

It’s always a nice gesture for a guy to pay for the first date, and it's all about impressing the girl! That doesn't mean you need to break the bank; just make sure you both have fun!

You sound really cool, how do I get a second date with you?

Well, it’s definitely all about being comfortable with each other on the first date. Guys, no weird jokes or behaviour, and girls... please don't tell any sob stories about yourself or anything whatsoever about your ex-boyfriends on the first date. That's a big no-no!

Stalking, we mean, checking up on them after a date, a definite yes, hell no and why?

Definitely a YES to check if she/he has gotten home safely after a date with you. It's a small gesture to show that you care. But do note, excessive checking up on dates can be a turn off.

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