New Oculus Rift set to debut at CES, won't make you sick when you use it

An improved version of everyone's favourite VR headset will be with us in January

Oculus Rift founder John Carmack has confirmed to The Verge that a newer, improved version of the VR headset will be unveiled at CES in January.

Touting the Rift 2.0 as being in the same league as iconic pieces of tech like the Apple II, the iPhone and Google, Oculus revealed that the motion blur problems of the current headset - which makes quite a few users nauseous - has been eradicated.

Other improvements include a higher resolution, lower latency and positional motion tracking to ensure that it knows where your head is, letting you lean closer to examine virtual objects.

It's tantalising stuff and we can't wait to strap our eyes into the new Oculus Rift at CES in January, so stay tuned.

[The Verge]

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