North Korea updates its "homegrown" OS and it looks rather familiar

The DPRK’s Red Star Linux 3.0 OS could pass as a very good OS X knockoff

Looks like the North Koreans are pretty big Apple fans. The DPRK’s very own national OS took a huge cue from Apple in terms of looks, bearing remarkable resemblance to Mac OS X.

While the OS itself isn't new, having been around for 10 years, it only recently took on the drastic change of looks in its most recent version.  And before you start wondering why the DPRK needs its own OS when it can barely feed itself, remember the hermit state does produce its own gadgets.

The OS also includes a Mozilla based web browser that’s been re-branded “Naenara,” or “My country.” While most North Koreans have restricted Internet access, they are able to access a nationwide intranet through universities and public libraries which are full of PDF versions of books, scientific papers, and of course, government propaganda.

For more North Korean gadgety goodness you can check out the stuff they've made here.

[Source: LYN]

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