Welcome to Singapore, Nikon D810

UPDATED 18/07: The D810 is now available at leading retail stores for S$4888

If you’re a photography enthusiast or professional with a keen attention to the details of life, the newly available Nikon D810 is going to whet your photographic appetite. 

Building on the performance of its predecessor, the D800, the D810 boasts a 36.3-megapixel sensor and wide ISO range. The ISO sensitivity ranges from ISO 64 to 12800 and can be decreased to Lo 1 (ISO 32 equivalent), or increased up to Hi 2 (ISO 51200 equivalent) to suit any environment.

That lets you not only snap high-definition, high-quality images, but also record Full HD video at 60 frames per second (fps) in two recording formats: full-frame- and cropped-format – what’s a camera without some video recording?

It's a feature packed Nikon camera

The D810 also uses Nikon’s Nikkor lenses, opening up the possibilities for moviemakers to get creative. In addition, HDMI output can be used to simultaneously record directly to an external recorder.

Another of its traits that stands out is a new highlight display feature that instinctively detects and denotes areas that seem likely to look blown-out, prompting the user to alter the settings and pull off a better exposure.

UPDATED 18/07: The D810 is now available at leading retail stores for S$4888.

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