Evernote competitor Springpad to shut down soon

Despite valiant efforts, the notebook app is shuttering, leaving perhaps 400,000 users scrambling to back up their data
Evernote competitor Springpad to shut down soon

No one expected Evernote to explode the way it did, integrating with apps across the board and becoming the go-to productivity app for millions. Springpad tried to do what Evernote did, but sadly never managed to make its userbase reach anywhere near Evernote's millions.

Springpad was much better at creating template-based notebooks, proving especially popular with people who kept recipes or various lists, than Evernote was. But a better interface and more interesting designs did not help the app gain more traction.

The company behind Springpad managed to raise more than US$7 million in investment but it wasn't enough to keep the app alive. It didn't help that the app had no real revenue model unlike Evernote's Premium account options.

Now, to the backups

Evernote competitor Springpad to shut down soon

How many people used Springpad? Estimates put it around 400,000 while Evernote just broke the 100 million mark.

Evernote was also clever at promoting partnerships with other apps as well as high-profile collaborations with Moleskine. Springpad attempted to relaunch its service, revamping the design, incorporating features that made it more Pinterest-like, allowing searches for public posts as well as incorporating social network-like features by letting you 'follow' other Springpad users' notebooks.

But all the added features and tacking on little bits and pieces from other products just didn't help the app gain more traction. Its users though loved the app, with Springpad's social media accounts getting good reviews for customer support.

The app however did suffer from performance issues, proving buggier and less polished in its early implementation. It's likely that new users felt uninspired to stick around and thus, first impressions really do count especially in the uber-competitive app market.

Springpad's developers are apparently moving on to something else, but sadly no announcement has been made yet about how their users can export their notes to other platforms.

Adieu, Springpad.