WTFriday: This could be the worst music video we’ve ever watched

This is a sign that the future of music is an apocalyptical wasteland

We can’t unsee or unhear this. 

Remember how bad Rebecca Black’s Friday was? Go on, relive the horror that collected more than 65 million views, and it won't be TGIF anymore.

Now watch Get In My Car to learn the true terror of bad music. Patrice Wilson, the man behind that atrocious excuse for music came up with an even worse idea - a song about cars, no wait, Chinese people. Heck, we have no idea, it makes no sense at all.

Don’t believe us? Watch and weep tears of regret.

Somewhere in there lies a subliminal message that Chinese people are bad drivers. We also feel sorry for 10-year-old Grace Liu, who'll regret this 10 years from now.

Humans might have crap memory, but the Internet never forgets. Ever.

Source: BuzzFeed

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