Fitbit Flex review

5 stars
Turning exercise into a game that works around your daily routines, the Flex aims to get you fit without setting foot in a gym

If your greatest "achievement" this week was unlocked on your Xbox, the Fitbit Flex could be just the thing to drag you off the sofa and into the land of the healthy. This rubbery band taps into those gaming instincts but makes you work a bit harder for its virtual high fives.

What's inside?

We’ve never seen so much tech crammed into such a small form. The Flex is a 
pill-sized sensor that slips into a comfy, rubberised wrist strap. It packs in – take a deep breath – Bluetooth 4.0 to feed your phone live tracking info, NFC to start the mobile app at a touch, an accelerometer, 
a week-long battery, a vibrating motor and a five-light display. Phew.

Fitbit app

Plus it comes from market-leading step-counter Fitbit, with its ultra-accurate step-tracking algorithm. That's quite a lot for S$120.

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How it works

Fitbit Flex - How it works 2Fitbit Flex - How it works 3

Live tracking your steps on your mobile as you walk will certainly make you feel good, and whether on your phone or a computer you can set goals for distance, steps or calories. Five white LEDs alert you – at a tap – to your progress in 20% increments. The brains of the Flex unit are removable, so you don’t have to use the strap. You could even pop it in your sock for cycle tracking.

It’ll track your sleep and silently wake you up, too, although not as intelligently as the Jawbone Up. But in view of the price the only real complaint we have is that Android support is so far patchy at best. But it’s a cracking iPhone companion.


Fitbit Flex

A fun way to squeeze more physical exercise into your life

Fitbit Flex review
5 stars
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