Sony, thank Festina Watches for the Walkman in bottled water campaign

It ain’t new but Sony’s borrowed idea from the watchmaker has created a huge buzz

Desperately need a drink after an intense workout? Pray real hard that the bottled Walkman isn’t the only item left in the vending machine.

Sony’s latest marketing campaign, managed by ad firm DraftFCB, submerged its waterproof W series Walkman MP3 players in bottles of water. Vending machines at gyms and indoor pools are stocked with the bottled Walkman, attracting the attention of Sony’s intended demographic - swimmers and workout fanatics.

Putting aside the ridiculous cost of that bottle of water, the marketing campaign sounds great, right?

Except, Sony isn’t the first to employ this idea. Festina Watches had dibs on this concept last year. In a similar vein, the watchmaker dunked its Festina Profundo 6692 diver's watch in a see-through packet of distilled water. While Sony's idea isn’t original, the gimmick has nonetheless created a buzz on the Internet for its ingenious execution.

Paying over S$100 to buy a bottle of water with a waterproof MP3 player in it from a vending machine? We have a winner for the most expensive mineral water in the world.

Drinking the water that came with it? Best not if you have a sensitive stomach.

[Source: StopPress via The Verge]

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