Here are some spyshots and alleged pricing of the Motorola Moto X+1

We get more spills of the device we’re due to see in the coming days

Just days before Motorola’s most likely due to reveal its Moto X+1, some details of the smartphone – specifically, pictures of it and pricing details – have been leaked on the greater World Wide Web.

The latest images show a detailed view of how the device looks like, and it’s identical to the wooden finish back and aluminium framed sides version @evleaks posted just days ago. Apparently, there’s going to be other material options like plastic, leather, denim, or even carbon fiber options available.

Besides the usual power button, Motorola logo, and camera fixtures that we see on every other smartphone, there’s also something else that makes the Moto X+1 stand out – it has four sensors in the four corners of the phone. Although, just like us, other sources too have no inkling at what the functionality of these sensors will be.

A price indication

As for pricing details, someone from Brazil managed to capture images of an inventory system that’s priced the device at BRL1499 (S$835). In comparison, the Moto X’s cost in Brazil was exactly the same as this stipulated price when it was released last year, so there might be some truth to the expected pricing.

It’s worth taking note that the Moto X cost S$568 in Singapore (electronics’ prices in Brazil are inflated due to heavy taxes, especially on devices not manufactured in the country). So if we use that as any indication, the Moto X+1 might be around that price point.

The purported Motorola Moto X+1 is also expected to sport a full HD 5.2in display, a 12MP camera sensor, as well as the Snapdragon 800 processor. Wait for official details to be out on 4 September.

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[Sources: GSM Arena and GSM Arena, images: BGR and Tudocellar]

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