Ridiculously hilarious Game of Thrones spoofs

GoT Musical

If you’ve always wanted a PG version of the events in GoT, this video by AVbyte is for you. Killing people just seems less malicious when you make a song and dance about it. This musical features four main characters musically pondering the question that runs through everyone’s heads - will I survive this season. 

Best bit: When Jon Snow sighs exasperatedly after Ygritte pops up and delivers that line we’re all sick of hearing. We’re not even going to write it here, what a nag.

Game of Social Media

Created by social media management company Hootsuite, this video reimagines the opening sequence of cities as social media companies. We geddit, we are all putting on a show with our social media selves. Point taken, Hootsuite. Okay fine, it's not that funny, but we'd never get sick of hearing that epic opening theme.

Best bit: Spot WhatsApp and Instagram rising up as sub-cities of Facebook. Guess they didn’t have time to put in their recent Oculus VR buy.

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Game of Moans

Ever wondered what kind of singing chops those GoT actors are packing? We might not have the answer for all of them, but here’s one. Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark in the hit series, guest-sings on this track about first world problems like the desire to wear shorts on a walk without getting stung by a nettle and the use of hashtags.

Best bit: “I hate when I get coffee, and they ask me for my name. Then on the cup, they write it wrong, yeah, it makes me want to complain.”

Game of Thones in 25 minutes

You could have scrolled past all the previous videos, but this - this - you must watch before embarking on season 4. Don’t kid yourself, you can’t have remembered everything. Unless you have a photographic memory, but it's probably still not happening. In the Game of Thrones, you either refresh your memory with some aid, or get lost when the new season begins.

Best bit: The helpful commentary by the characters to help put everything back into perspective. How kind.

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