Ridiculously hilarious Game of Thrones spoofs

Fantasy fantasy series

This video by College Humor will fulfill your wildest fantasies. Nope, not that one unsuitable for print, but what you have lamented about since embarking on season one, episode one. We hate to burst your bubble, but if all this had taken place, the series would have ended almost as soon as it started. 

Best bit: That terribly drawn map and amateur singing of the opening tune. They're so bad, they're good.

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House of Thrones

This mash-up between Game of Thrones and House of Cards features Frank Underwood in a bad wig popping up in familiar GoT scenes and coolly delivering deadpan killer lines to all those fighting over the Iron Throne. Who would have known that Frank Underwood would be the true king of Westeros? We’re converts of House Underwood now.

Best bit:

Frank: "But to leave him (Tyrion Lannister) out of the equation would be extremely short-sighted. But then again, if I were to pick on him too much, that would make me half a man."

Shae: "Enough with these short jokes."

Frank: "Well, now that’s a tall order."

Ultimate birthday rap battle

The Game of Thrones characters crash a kid's birthday party to give a lowdown on the current situation. This mash-up of musical genres include deep bassy hip hop and heavily autotuned sunshine pop, peppered with inappropriate dance moves, while the children at the party look on in wide-eyed horror. We would too, because that's some really bad dancing.

Best bitRobb Stark’s misplaced optimism is seriously questionable.

Robb: “Let me hear my Starks, are we doing alright?”

Bran: "Father’s dead, we’re homeless, and I’m crippled for life."

Robb: "Yeah!"

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