Sennheiser’s new initiative rewards you for visiting Singapore’s hippest joints

If you’re a frequent bar and cafe-hopper, you could be drinking your way to a pair of Momentum headphones

Justify your hipster hangout habit with Sennheiser’s new Places with Momentum reward system.

Starting from 1 July, drop into any of these specially-curated 24 creative spaces to get your ears into a pair of Momentums. Not only can you try out the cans for yourself, but when you spend S$5 or more, you get a stamp on the Momentum card, which you can pick up at any of the outlets. Earn rewards like a free cup of caffeine at Artistry or a free shot of the day at Ah Sam’s Cold Drink Stall as you make your way around the reward card.

If you keep up the loyalty and collect a total of six stamps, including a mandatory one from Wheeler’s Yard where a pop-up store is present, you’ll be gifted with a S$60 Momentum voucher along with other vouchers from participating outlets.

And if you prove yourself to be the biggest fan of the Momentum movement and fill out the entire reward card, you could stand to win a bunch of awesome prizes including Momentum headphones, iPads, even more vouchers, and a new bicycle from Wheeler’s Yard.

All these ends 30 September, so if we were you, we’d start penciling dates into our social calendar already.

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